Viajes El Corte Inglés is a travel management company. Among its services, it offers personalised service for corporate customers. Our strategy focuses on providing an excellent, safe, and economically and environmentally sustainable service, ensuring respect for the environment throughout the life cycle of the service. This corporate strategy is the guiding framework for setting the following objectives:​

> Establish an Integrated Management System (IMS) directed at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, by monitoring indicators, analysing the risks of the processes identified, defining objectives, assigning responsibilities, dealing with deviations, taking action for continual improvement and providing suitable resources.​

> Ensure that staff are well trained so that they can perform their duties satisfactorily.​

> Ensure protection of the environment, prevent pollution, and improve environmental performance and sustainable use of resources while performing our activities.​

> This Policy expresses Management’s commitment to implementing and maintaining the IMS, designed to ensure:​

  • Compliance with all the legal and regulatory requirements that affect our activities, as well as the voluntary standards used as a benchmark to develop the IMS.​
  • The necessary training and communication to provide people with the required knowledge and promote commitment to safety and efficiency in operations, while permitting, at the same time, their development and initiative in improving processes.​
  • Prevention of pollution and minimisation of the environmental impact of our activities, by setting environmental targets and goals and employing best practices in environmental management.​

Viajes El Corte Inglés has made this policy available to its customers, employees and other stakeholders in order to inform them of the company’s commitment with regard to the sustainable performance of its activities.