…but it can also damage the ecosystem or the local heritage if we travel without keeping some simple tips in mind. We should enjoy the environment respectfully so that future generations can also enjoy it. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, at Viajes El Corte Inglés we fully share the criteria designed to foster tourism for sustainable development so as to meet the needs of current travellers and the regions welcoming them while at the same time protecting and fostering future opportunities.


  1. When you pack your bag, think about the environment as well: add a cloth bag for your shopping and a reusable bottle and avoid unnecessary plastic (for example, by avoiding wrapping your suitcase in film at the airport).​
  2. Chose more sustainable accommodation and bear in mind its location so you can reduce your travel. There are certificates and seals that can help you.​
  3. Choose the means of transport with the smallest carbon footprint: a train is a more sustainable mode than a plane, but for aircraft, look for companies who are actively working to reduce, monitor and compensate for CO2 emissions. Did you know that we at your travel agency can inform you about the CO2 emissions produced by the route you take?​
  4. Once at your destination, use public or collective transport, walk, ride a bike or use a shared electric car. The environment will thank you for it.​
  5. Give back. The money you spend when you travel is the only thing that makes you truly rich, because travelling makes you wiser and happier, so try to give something back if you have the chance: volunteering, donations, NGO stores and restaurants, purchasing local crafts or fair-trade products, etc. There are a thousand opportunities to give a little back of all that a place and its people have given you.
  6. Consume natural resources in moderation. Water and gas, for example, are scarce resources for the planet and a luxury in some places. Many accommodation suppliers already incorporate practices for sustainable consumption. Collaborate with them: only use the electricity you need or moderate your use of air conditioning and water​
  7. Discover the local flavours. Eat the freshest local products; you can even head straight to the markets or farms. Soak up the local cuisine and in this way you will also be contributing to tourism in the region and the sustainable development of the community.​
  8. Even if you’re travelling on business, find a moment in the day to relax and seek out something authentic in the location you are in. You will be supporting the local economy and you will always get to learn something new.​
  9. Adapt and discover the friendliness of the local community. Approach its people with respect and healthy curiosity. When we travel to exotic locations, everything seems extraordinary and worth being recorded, but do be careful: people are not part of the backdrop. Ask their permission to take a photograph with them and enjoy a smile from end to end!​
  10. Respect all children’s rights. As a company of the El Corte Inglés Group, as part of its cooperation agreement with UNICEF Spanish Committee, Viajes El Corte Inglés incorporates the Rights of the Child and Business Principles in our corporate policies. These principles provide a general framework for understanding and dealing with the impact of tourism on children’s wellbeing.​