In view of the uncertainty generated around travelling in the current COVID-19 health crisis, the Viajes El Corte Inglés Companies Division is working on different areas of action to adapt to the new needs and concerns of the business traveller.​

Safety during travel is one of the most important areas we are developing. This is based around several aspects, which must coherently co-exist to ensure a satisfactory traveller experience.​

The current environment is governed by "Health, Safety & Sustainability", as these will be the priority attributes when making business travel decisions. Therefore, the principle of safety covers different areas of business travel.​​

  • Security during management and purchase, favouring flexible sales strategies​
  • Safety during travel, coordinating with all our partners to ensure joint action in line with all the hygienic health measures set out by the competent health authorities​
  • Security that travelling will have the minimum environmental impact possible.​​

In this respect, some of the measures developed or refined are:​​

  • The Travel Risk Academy solution to implement strict risk management guidance procedures and ensure that the corporate customer has full details of the trip, thereby alleviating their concerns.​
  • Contactless formats with end-to-end solutions, which range from travel portals, SBT solutions, mobile app, security solutions, etc.​
  • Specific solutions that cover the order control needs and requirements, traveller safety and expense control.​
  • Big Data management as a prevention tool. Although we have a structured BI system for decision-making, new artificial intelligence processes have been incorporated in order to predict scenarios that help companies to achieve more efficient management of the account.​
  • Incorporation of a Safety Manager, a new role that was created to strengthen monitoring of regulations, risks and procedures (in addition to the aforementioned solutions).​

In addition, as a leader in the Spanish market and GEBTA partner, we have joined forces with key industry players to set up the Business Travel Committee.​

Composed of different transport, hotel, car rental companies, etc., this organisation aims to coordinate reactivation of business travel by following all the hygienic-health procedures required to protect traveller safety, thereby fostering business activity.​

One of the main tactics that has been implemented is that we have produced two joint guides to travelling in the context of COVID-19 and to travelling around the European Union area during COVID-19.​

In addition, in order to standardise the measures adopted in different countries, we have published recommendations and practical guidelines, such as Mobility in Spain and Europe: towards a single approach and we have worked on effective measures to encourage safe travel, such as the Digital Green European Certificate or the IATA Travel Pass.


“Business travel is an investment and not an expense.” This statement comes from a GEBTA study that also claims that this type of travel accounts for a third of the growth in international trade in the last ten years, which in turn, has led to an increase in jobs of more than 20%.​

Furthermore, did you know that according to this study, for every euro spent on business travel, Spanish companies get an average €10 in exports? For these reasons, although business travel has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, companies have no doubt that they are necessary for the normal running of the company. More information is included in the report. ​