Our mission

To secure lasting growth in sales, improving customer service levels and the company’s profitability, based on multiple aspects.​

Aspects on which we base our mission:​

  • The introduction of new technologies that improve productivity, enhance provision of services and foster multi-channel capabilities.​
  • Ongoing training of our team so that members continue contributing added value.​
  • Cost control, as it directly affects the profitability of the Organisation.​
  • Adapting to a changing market posing constant challenges to gain efficiency.

Our vision

To be a multi-channel travel agency and become the benchmark in Spanish-speaking countries, offering guaranteed, quality products building on the values of El Corte Inglés and on our human capital.

Values of our brand:

Throughout the history of the brand, we have pursued five values that define it perfectly. The value of the brand seeks to highlight its power, its intangible values, such as distinctiveness and credibility, which allow it to stand out from the rest and cause a unique impact in the market. What we have to do is to try to underline those qualities or values that the brand conveys to the customer and which comprise its strength. In this manner, consumers are very likely to associate the brand in their minds with one or more of the values referenced through the brand.

There are five historical values:​

  • Guarantee: a time commitment that reinforces, protects and ensures the stipulated service.​
  • Quality: satisfying the expectations and desires of customers so that all their needs are covered, as well as adding value to the service offered.​
  • Assurance: the backing of a great formal brand that is committed to customers and the certainty that there are no risks or dangers, providing customers and employees with peace of mind.​
  • Trust: confidence or the firm hope that customers place in us due to the backing offered in the main areas of the service.​
  • Ethics: moral conduct of the brand that helps the application of legal standards.